Rebel of the Sands – Review

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

A New Dawn, A New Desert‘ and I loved every second of the journey!

First up can we all appreciate how absolutely stunning the cover of this book is. I knew nothing about this book before purchase, but that cover drew me in and once I read the quote above I knew I would be hooked! The paperback was so beautiful, I can only imagine the hardcover is STUNNING!

So since this is a review, below is spoiler central, if you haven’t read the book, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

This book follows Amani, the leading lady who is strong, stubborn and fiery. Amani was a realistic character to engage with and I enjoyed reading her story. We also are taken on the journey with Jin, who is a mysterious foreigner and I am not going lie… It was hard not to love him. It’s interesting because I had a feeling that Jin related somehow to the Sultans family, but I didn’t know to what extent. I am excited to read the next book and hopefully hear more about Jin and his family… I also hope we have heaps more magic…

Its surprising that this is Alwyn’s debut, she writes this story beautifully as if she had been writing novels for years, and I loved where she took this story. For her debut I am happy to give her a four out of five stars!

Four out of five is amazing, but I am sure you are wondering why four and not five??? Now the answer to that is easy, I struggled for the first chapters to find the motivation to read. Chapter one I was enthralled and excited about the story, however once I got past this my excitement died down a little and I struggled to pick up the book. There was a lot of getting to know the characters and setting up this magical world which was interesting, but it didn’t keep me as engaged as the rest of the book did.

Once I hit chapter eight BAMMM I was back in the game and I admit I read the rest of the book in one sitting! I loved the amount of magic in the second half of the book, I loved learning about it and getting to know the softer side of our main characters as they became comfortable with each other and let their guards down.

This book was an epic story, and I loved learning about Amani and desert she calls home.

Favourite Moment: Amani finding her power as a Demdji. She was the desert… I loved that!
Moment that Shocked: When she left Tamid, and again when she promised she would take Noorsham, but left him as well.
Favourite Quote: ‘I didn’t want to bring you into this revolution, Amani. Because I didn’t want to watch the Blue-Eyed Bandit get unmade by a prince without a kingdom’
Rating: 4/5

‘You are this country, Amani. More alive than anything ought to be in this place


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