The Unexpected Everything – Review

The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson

The Unexpected Everything is cute, funny and sometimes awkward… But I loved every second of this story.

Since this is a review, below is spoiler central, if you haven’t read the book, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

This story follows Andie, who leads a calculated life. Everything is planned and organised until suddenly it wasn’t. After her Father, who leads a life disconnected from her own, is suddenly swept up in a scandal, Andie’s summer is spun in an unexpected direction.

Let me start by saying Morgan Matson… She is amazing. This book completely translates the life of a teenager dealing with setbacks and trying to figure out the rest of her life. I liked how relatable the characters were, and I secretly wanted to join the scavenger hunt they had… Which makes me wonder how old is too old for scavenger hunts?

This book starts out awkward, but in a great way, the relationship between Andie and her Dad was strained and had many quirky moments that made for an enjoyable read. When he started making jokes like ‘There’s a new sheriff in town‘, I couldn’t help but cringe and think oh my god, please stop it Dad!

Then along came C.B. McCallister. Clark the typical awkward guy, fumbling around with clumsy moments, but they made him even more lovable. I like that a writer was portrayed in this book, reading Clark’s snippets of writing was really enjoyable. It was so weird that we were reading a book inside a book at some points, but it was written so well that you forget that Morgan Matson wrote both parts… It felt like a different person and that was incredible. The best thing about Clark was there was no instalove! It felt awkward at first like most new romances feel, and we watched the pair grow together throughout the story.

Finally the text conversations… LOVED THEM… Honestly cannot say a bad word, loved them.

This book was fun, entertaining and captured my interest from the very first page. I didn’t have to keep pushing to read it was so easy and so enjoyable. Thank you Morgan Matson, now since this is the first book I have read of hers, I need to go online and buy the rest of her books.

Favourite Moment: The yellow mustang and the note, this moment really hit the heart strings.
Favourite Quote: It’s a long one, so I will just say page 461 of the paperback copy – go read it!
Rating: 5/5

‘Once, i dared to dare greatly.’


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