Half Bad – Review

Half Bad – Sally Green

Half Bad

‘If white witches are good and black wiches are evil… What happens if you are both?
An interesting writing style to start, a dangerous journey buta conclusion that left me wanting more!

Since this is a review, below is spoiler central, if you haven’t read the book, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

This story follows Nathan Byrn who lives in a world full of witches. White witches are supposed to be good and pure, where Black witches dangerous and killers, and Nathans father Marcus is the worst of them. Nathan’s life has never been easy, he has been kept in a cage, mutilated but continues to fight for his life before his seventeenth birthday. At seventeen he is either given three gifts and the blood of his immediate family or he dies a painful death.

This story blurs the concept between good and evil. What happens when white witches aren’t always good, and where black witches aren’t exactly evil. His Mother was a healer, his Father a murderer, and I enjoyed reading Nathan’s struggle with what he is, and what he is going to be after he is given his gifts.

I found that once I started this book it flew, next thing I was at the end of the book and wondering what happened and where the story was going to go. I enjoyed the pacing and the fact I could knock this one over quickly, but it ended with a lot of questions. Where is Gabriel? Is Annalise going to betray Nathan (when she wakes of course)? Will we see Marcus again? Trilogy’s make me nervous of what’s to come… just saying.

The characters in this book were intriguing, it was good to see the different dynamics within the family. Gran who was protective despite everything, Arran and Deborah who were pure and loving, and then Jessica who was a raging bitch. Excuse the language. Sally Green wrote the characters so well that I actually hated Jessica with a passion.

Overall I enjoyed this read, the plot was fast paced, the characters stirred up emotions whether you liked them or hated them with a passion (Jessica!). I admit I was confused for a long time after reading this book on whether I liked it or not, I think because it was so fast paced, that I needed something to just jump out and say ‘HEY I AM AN AMAZING READ’! It was a interesting concept, and I enjoyed the good verse evil but I was confused for too long to give it anything higher than my rate below!

I will be continuing this series, I need answers, and I have Half Wild arriving from Booktopia next week!

Favourite Moment: Nathan meeting Gabriel, and anything with Arran he was such a sweetheart.
Favourite Quote: In both violence and fame, your bloodline outdoes mine.
Rating: 3.75/5


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