Red Queen – Review

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

red queen

” ‘Cal betrayed me, and I betrayed him. And you betrayed us both, in a thousand different ways.’ The words are heavy as stone but right. So right. ‘I choose no one’.”

Red Queen is a fast-paced story full of superpowers, love interests and lies.

Since this is a review, below is spoiler central, if you haven’t read the book, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

In a world divided into Red and Silver, Reds are commoners with no special abilities, whereas on the other hand the Silver elite have superpowers beyond anything the Reds have seen. Reds are slaves, left to fight wars and die for the Silver regime. This story follows the main protagonist Mare, born into a family of reds and poverty, she is about to be enlisted in the war until a surprise meeting with a Prince lands her a job serving the royals. It is here the royals discover she is not just a red, and she has the power to be their downfall.

This book was The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor but with superpowers, written in such a beautiful way. As a massive fan of The Hunger Games, I saw similarities, but that doesn’t take away from the story Victoria created within Red Queen. The characters were strong, and stood up on their own, in my mind no character was less important or more intriguing. The characters were all well balanced and played an important role in the overall 4 star rating I gave Red Queen.

I know what your thinking… Why 4 stars. Well because Mare started getting painful to read when she was being aggressive towards Cal, because she thought he was exactly like his Father. I think Cal proved it by sneaking out to the Reds villages that he was stronger than his Father, and eventually he would try fix the cruelty shown to the Reds. He would of made a difference, in my opinion.

Ok now I am going to start contradicting myself, although if you have read Red Queen I am sure you understand… The plot was predictable, but at the same time I was left betrayed and a little heartbroken. The issue is, I was lulled into a false sense of security, by page 300 with only 88 pages to go, I thought my initial instincts were wrong andMavey was the little sweetheart I grew to like. Then Victoria Aveyard the freaking Queen, shut me down… 88 Pages was all it took to turn this story upside down and from then on everything went crazy! I was left confused and heartbroken and honestly after 24 hours, I am not over it.

Anyway, moving on.

Other than the predictability, this book was enjoyable, and everything I look for in a book. A young thief born into poverty is thrust into a world of gorgeous princes and deadly superpowers. YES PLEASE! It was a roller coaster of emotions, and it’s easy to tell that Victoria Aveyard is a screen writer, she made it so easy to see this book in movie form while reading. The details were wonderful, and it made for a fun read.

Love triangles, I will admit is one of my least favourite book tropes to read. However, this is a rare example of a love triangle that I actually enjoyed. Up until the last few chapters where Maven revealed his true self, I was torn because I liked them both so much! Cal was strong, smart and rule, where Maven was sweet and was taking on the world he was born into for her.

Also, I would like to declare #TeamCal! In the following books I hope he gets his throne back… Of course I also hope he has his Red Queen beside him!

I will definitely be continuing on with this series. I am excited to see what happens in Glass Sword, although I might read Cruel Crown first! If you have any opinions on which one I should read first let me know in the comments! Also let me know what you thought of Red Queen and what team you are on, even if you are #TeamMare like Victoria is!

Favourite Moment: I loved the fight at the end Cal and Mare taking on everyone. Brilliant!
Favourite Quote: ‘Words can lie. See beyond them.’
Rating: 4/5


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