Blue Lily, Lily Blue – Review

Blue Lily, Lily Blue – Maggie Stiefvater

“Her aura is like yours—it’s blue.”
Blue Lily, Lily Blue is a captivating story and three books into The Raven Cycle and you can’t help but be in love with the characters. Maggie Stiefvater makes you feel at home with the story bringing the characters back together and taking you along for a gripping ride. This series is a must read.

Since this is a review, below is spoiler central, if you haven’t read the book, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

Three books in and I can’t comprehend how Maggie has come up with such a story. To dive back into this world is natural and it’s wonderful to pick up a book and feel such enjoyment because you love the characters, the world and the writing style. In the third installment of The Raven Cycle, we follow on the search for not only The Raven King, but for Maura. The journey brings us closer to the truth, and the complexities of each character. Even though I am three books in, I am still surprised by each character and love learning more about them and what drives them.

First I want to say I love, love, LOVE this freaking book.

The plot yet again was well written and entertaining. Blue Lily, Lily Blue felt creeper than the other books so far. Noah became more detached and more dead than he seemed before, and then there was Cabeswater and searching for the Welsh King which gave a more supernatural vibe. The atmosphere in this book seemed more serious leading us into the final book of the series, which is terrifying.

In The Dream Thieves our boys felt a little broken… This book was so different, it was a beautiful development because they went from tearing each other apart to pulling themselves back together. There wasn’t a moment where I was questioning motives or allegiance to one another, they were just Blue and her Raven Boys again. Ready to face the Welsh King and save Gansey… Speaking of which, if something happens to Gansey, I will throw The Raven King out the window… Just saying.

The Gansey and Blue dynamic… I LIVE FOR THIS DYNAMIC! The unspoken words, the nearly kisses and everything not allowed! Maggie needs to put us out of our misery, three books I have waited for the relationship and I will read The Raven King waiting for the happy ending! If I don’t get a happy ending, shit will get real!

Anyway, moving on

The story took so many unpredictable turns throughout. Matthew for one, who could have predicted that Ronan took him from his dreams as well. It’s sad because you can see Ronan scrambling to fix the sleeping dreams just in case something happens to him and he needs someone to wake up Matthew. I didn’t think it was possible to love Ronan more, but apparently I was wrong and it definitely is possible!

The new characters we were introduced to were… different. Greenmantle was not what I expected, he an analytical character, but as soon as he was close to the dirty work himself he shut down and ran off. Then there was his wife… Don’t even start me on that woman, I just loved her fire but hated her all at the same time! Was anyone else unsure why they were married?

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. I think the final book in this series is going to blow my mind and definitely earn the 5/5 stars, since I have only been giving 4.5/5 stars for Blue Lily, Lily Blue and The Dream Thieves. There was a lot of building in this book and the previous book, so I felt a lot of the action from the first book was missing as we delved into the characters more.

The end of this series is so close, but it means the end of this adventure. Honestly, I don’t want this adventure to be over, I am so very attached to every one of these books, and every one of the characters. I am expecting big things from The Raven King.

Favourite Moment: Normally I force myself to choose, but it is so hard when I enjoyed every second. I still love the unspoken moments between Gansey and Blue. The light touch in the car that is not allowed.
Favourite Quote: Gansey to Adam ‘you marvelous creature’
Rating: 4.5/5


7 thoughts on “Blue Lily, Lily Blue – Review

  1. Great review! I’m glad you enjoyed this 😊 Going into it I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it as much as the first two books, but it definitely picked up towards the middle and the ending made me so glad I didn’t have to wait 2 years for The Raven King like others did 😂. I hope you enjoy The Raven King!


  2. I skipped because you warned me, and I don’t want any spoilers. But I know your reviews rock from experience, and I saw the score you gave, so I’m satisfied.
    Thanks for sharing! Sorry I couldn’t read it, lol! 😉


    1. I always warn, because I can’t help but be spoilery! I am so glad you like my reviews though (when you can read them). I just LOVE The Raven Cycle, I am devastated that it is coming to an end… One more book to read 😦


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