Covers Wars #1

Hey Book Lovers!

Today I am bringing you a post all about book covers! Now I know we never judge a book by it’s cover… but today, I am going to break that rule and judge only on those magnificent covers!

I know all of you at some stage have  been excited by a cover coming out, and then you realise that another country received a better cover and immediately you regret your cover and want the other one. Maybe you have the same book in multiple covers because you couldn’t live without the other cover and have no self control… oh wait.. maybe that’s just me!

I am going to do a little comparing of the new release books and their respective covers from different countries. Let me know in the comments which of the covers you prefer, I would love to discuss this with you all!

Quick disclaimer, the below is only my opinion, and if you like a different cover than I do that is completely fine!  

1 – Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley – Aus vs USA


On the left we have the Australian cover, which I currently own in paperback received in my August YA Chronicles Box. Now, I like this cover, it arrived and I was like yes that’s great. I am always excited about a gloss finish on a book and this book had some glamorous gloss going on. But other than the beautiful royal blue colour, this cover didn’t really jump out at me.

On the right the USA cover which was revealed on twitter recently (and which ultimately made me decide to dedicate a post to covers). To be honest with you, I love the US cover, it gives me all types of ‘need to read’ vibes! I love the contrast of the blues, the quote up the top, the typography that looks painted on. Absolutely beautiful.

My Winner: USA Cover

2 – The Thousandth Floor – Katharine McGee – UK vs USA

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On the left we have the UK cover, which is bright and makes a huge statement. I love bright books and the yellow on this cover is stunning. I like that it gives us a view from the top of the building, but I would of liked a small quote on the front to give us a sense of what the book was about.

On the right the USA cover reveal, which somehow even though the UK cover was beautiful, topped it! The simplicity is beautiful, the typography is fantastic and I love that it is gold. Everything about this cover screams simple but perfect.

My Winner: USA Cover

3 – Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake – USA vs UK

23207027 30240773

On the left USA, I actually don’t like this cover, so I won’t drag on about the negatives. I understand the three crowns relate to the story and such, but I just don’t like it. Not appealing to me this one. Sorry 

On the right UK… Which I think this time has to win, look at that crown… that crown is beautiful. It looks authentic but a more modern interpretation, where as the crowns in the USA edition look very old school. The typography is lovely, and the quote on the front draws me in more than the one on the USA cover.

My Winner: UK Cover

4 – Stealing Snow – Danielle Paige – USA vs UK

28260524 30367320

On the left USA again, and Team USA really stepped it up with this one because you can look at the cover of this book and know exactly what it is about. I showed it to a friend I worked with and she said ‘Frozen’. What you see is what you get, it’s a book about the Snow Queen and that’s exactly how the cover portrays it.

On the right UK, they have taken a more simplistic approach, and I think its a great cover. It’s very subtle where as the USA cover is over the top. The typography is similar, the colour palette is slightly different, but I like the use of the red and the detail of blood off the ice.

This one by far is my hardest to choose, because I do like simplicity but the OTT cover is beautiful.

My Winner: USA – OTT win’s this time!  

5 – Something in Between – Melissa De La Cruz – USA vs AUS

31181906 28367581

On the left USA, straight up the cover is bright and strikes me as a book that is in the contemporary genre. The cover gives nothing at all away about the book, but it is nice to look at. The typography is beautiful, but nothing really jumps out and grabs my attentions for this one.

On the right AUS, now not to sound bias of course this cover jumps out at me, Australia’s very prominent so it’s easy for em to be like ‘need to read’! I like the cover design, the map behind it is beautiful and appealing. The colours and typography contrast well together and it’s a bit perfect. The cover also seems to match the story as it is about immigrants, and we see a map of some of the world. I love it. If you aren’t Australian I would love to know if you love it or if I am just being biased!

My Winner: AUS Cover

6 – And I Darken – Kiersten White – USA vs UK/AUS

27190613 25324111

On the left USA, bringing us yet again another fabulous cover! What I think is perfect about this one is that it’s the delicate flower being impaled by a sword which is basically the synopsis. Nobody expects the female to be brutal, and yet here we are with a book about exactly that! I love the colour of the flower, the look of the sword and the simplicity of it all. It’s vicious and beautiful.

On the right UK/AUS, and this cover is equally as beautiful but in a different way. I like the texture of this one, the cover almost looks painted and it’s wonderful. The quote ‘Heads will roll. Hearts will be broken’ really suits the book. I like most that you can see the brutality in the eyes of Lada, I think thats what both books have right they both show brutality in a different way. In the UK it’s in the eyes of Lada, and in USA it’s the sword impaling the flower.

Does anyone else think Lada on the cover looks like Charlize Theron, I don’t know maybe it’s that evil stare and I have watched Snow White & the Huntsman…

This choice though, how can one choose!!!

My Winner: USA

6 – Nevernight – Jay Kristoff – USA vs UK/AUS

26114463 30969076

On the left USA, the cover makes sense, but yet again I don’t like it. I didn’t say this discussion was going to be logical guys, sorry about that. Everything about this makes sense, the sword with blood, the background, the shadow, the mark… I just don’t think this cover is as appealing. This also may be because I already have the other cover and have completely fallen in love with it.

On the right UK/AUS, perfection. Absolute perfection in my opinion! This cover has the same elements as the USA cover… but I love the way they encorporated them!  The details are incredible in the owl, the shadowcat, the mask, the sword, it’s all the same. I love that the cover is black and white with the pop of red at the top. I can’t say anything about this one.

My Winner: UK/AUS – 100%

That is all I have for you today for the first installment of BexnBookx Cover Wars! Ultimately the winner was: USA Covers!

Let me know in the comments below which covers you preferred, and if you would like Cover Wars to be a regular feature on my blog!

Thanks for reading, and I will talk to you soon!




8 thoughts on “Covers Wars #1

  1. I always love seeing the different UK/US covers! I always get so intrigued about what goes into the marketing and why they decide to change things up. I definitely agree with you on the UK/Aus covers of Nevernight and Three Dark Crowns and the US cover of The Thousandth Floor.


    1. It’s so interesting hey! I thought it would be a good post to have because people have so many different opinions of covers! Something I love, someone else will hate depending on their taste! The people who create these covers are so creative! I love it!


  2. I absolutely love to see the different covers! I think we should be pen pals, and you guys could send an AUS/UK cover book, and we could send you the USA version…we would have such a cool library! What do you think?


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