Maximum Ride: The Manga, #2

Maximum Ride: The Manga, #2 by James Patterson

Maximum Ride: The Manga, #2 is an improvement from #1, it is filled with more character development, more details and the plot was entertaining to read.

Since this is a review, there are potentials for spoilers. If you don’t want to know anything whatsoever about this Manga, please do not read further. You have been warned.

Nobody locks The Flock up in a cage, and this installment follows where the first manga left off. The flock are escaping the school. Now they are searching for answers in the big city, but they are still being hunted, and they are hot on their trail.

Again, the Artwork in the second Maximum Ride Manga was beautiful, it’s simplistic but I think that’s absolutely perfect in this circumstance. There are still extra details on facial expressions which is my favourite part of the artwork.

The plot within Maximum Ride: The Manga, #2 provided me with more entertainment than the first installment. This book was slower paced, however it contained some similar plot elements. I liked that there was more shocked factor in this one, and they added a few twists and turns which were enjoyable.

I feel more connected to the characters within the second installment of this Manga. There was some character development that I enjoyed, as well as some ability changes within the flock which I can’t wait to delve further into in the next book. I enjoyed seeing a softer side to Fang, and the small relationship development we had within this one. I think it added a different dimension to the story which I appreciated, a bit of a change up from all the action. Also, we received more information about The Flocks origins, and how they came to be half bird. It was an important part of the back story and I think it really gave us more of a look into the characters.

I enjoyed this Manga, and will continue onto the next Manga. I do not feel 100% invested in the story yet, but I do really like the characters and that it only takes me an hour or so to read. This series is a great read after some complex fantasy reads. It’s relaxing to read, and I enjoy the artwork.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

*Quick disclaimer that this is my second Manga and my second Manga review, so I do not imply that I am an expert, this is just my opinion on what I read.


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