Nimona – Review

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson


There is nothing more amazing than a Graphic Novel that gets you so invested within the story that you can’t put it down. Nimona was entertaining, creative, thoughtful & funny, and the best graphic novel I have ever read!

“You can’t just go round murdering people. There are rules, Nimona”

Nimona is a shapeshifter, who has passion for death and wreaking havoc. Lord Ballister Blackheart is a super-villain, who seeks revenge, without crossing the line. However, when Nimona thrusts herself into Lord Blackheart’s life, they become sidekick and super-villain. However, both are not as they seem, and it is their job to save the kingdom, weaving through secrets of their own to prove that the Heroes are not all as they seem.

There is so much to say about Noelle, and honestly this was the perfect graphic novel everything weaved together so perfectly that I am now having trouble finding another graphic novel to read that stands up next to Nimona.

The Artwork within Nimona is really awesome, it’s isn’t beautiful in a normal sense, but it really complements the story and I think that’s what matters most in graphic novels. You can see the similarities between Nimona and the artwork Noelle produces in the comic series Lumberjanes, which was entertaining while raeding because I continued thinking where have I seen this before!

The best thing about the plot in Nimona was that it was actually a full developed plot within this story. I know sometimes I am underwhelmed by graphic novels but the plot was both action packed and emotional, they have perfectly weaved the plot so that you were feeling something the whole time. It was an absolute emotional rollercoaster and I loved every second.

Additional to the many different emotions Noelle made you feel, she also developed perfectly the characters which is significantly difficult to do within a graphic novel. We received backstories, and every character had a depth that was wonderful to explore because we were able to get to know characters without reading from their perspective.

Nimona is a must read for anyone who likes graphic novels.

It was long enough that we actually received a story rather than waiting for a second volume, but it was short enough to read in one sitting and be utterly enthralled. The book touched on friendship, superpowers, AND DRAGONS. Need I say more?

Rating: 5/5 stars

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