Queens of Geek – Review

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Queens of Geek

“Before SupaCon, I thought I was just … Afraid. Weird. Awkward. And I was right. I am all these things. And that’s okay. I am all these things. But I am also … Brave. Heroic. Royal.”

Queens of Geek is diverse, geeky, cute and a wonderful contemporary to dive into! With wonderful messages weaved throughout! This book just makes me EMBRACE MY INNER FANGIRL!

Queens of Geek is a #OwnVoices stand alone contemporary novel that gave me ALL THE FEELS! The story follows three best friends, who live out there fangirl/fanboy dreams in attending SupaCon for three days full of adventure in the pop culture convention. Charlie is born to stand out, with a new movie release, and a public breakup from her boyfriend, all she wants to show the public is that she has moved on and that she is happy. Taylor on the other hand, tries to fly under the radar, but with an opportunity to meet her favourite author she might just take a chance…

Since this is a review, below does contain spoilers, if you haven’t read the book, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

Well please hold while I have a massive fangirl moment, because the premise of this story which is set in Comic-Con gives me SO MUCH JOY. I was talking to my friend Erena when I started this book and honestly, Comic-Con is my dream! Naturally, I was drawn to a story like this, and Queens of Geek did not disappoint.

Jen Wilde’s writing was simple but entertaining. There were so many additions to this book that I loved. One of which being the references she weaved throughout from shows like Supernatural which just warmed heart!

Then of course there was the amazing diversity, and realistic representation of someone on the Autism spectrum. I myself am not on the the spectrum, however I have family members that are, and I really appreciated the realistic representation that isn’t seen in a lot of YA novels. There was nothing off bounds for Queens of Geek and I loved that it delved into things that aren’t normally mentioned in YA… Sexuality, body shame, anxiety, medication, equality, it was all there and it was perfect.

The plot wasn’t overly complex, but it didn’t need to be, I still loved every second of this novel. Honestly, the characters were the best part of this book, with each of them diverse and wonderful to follow and watch grow. It was wonderful to see a Chinese Australian main character, who is also bisexual and delving into this female relationship within the novel. Our other main character struggled with anxiety and Aspergers, and had an amazing outlook on body image which I just LOVED!

Overall, Queens of Geek was brilliant! Full of representation, diversity, nerdy-ness, pop culture, and romance.

Favourite Quote: “To the girl who hid in the shadows and tried to body-shame me, I’m sorry you thought that was a good use of your time and energy. I hope you find happiness within yourself. You deserve that. We all do.”
Rating: 4/5

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