New World: Rising – Review

New World: Rising by Jennifer Wilson

New World Rising

‘There is no good or evil here, it all depends on what side you’re standing. Nor is it about wrong or right, it’s about surviving.’

New World: Rising was an exciting, entertaining and a totally under-hyped dystopian!

New World: Rising is book one in Jennifer Wilson’s New World trilogy, and I want to start off by saying, I freaking loved it. The dystopian vibes were real, and I appreciated being brought back to a genre that I had missed to much!

New World: Rising follows Phoenix, a young girl who watched her parents brutal murder at the age of eleven. Running on instinct she survives a world full of murderous tribes, in a cruel city to which there is no escape. Refusing to join any of the tribes, but determined to survive, Phoenix fights, that is until she needs to be saved.

Since this is a review, below does contain spoilers, if you haven’t read the book, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

The premise of this book intrigued me straight from the beginning, so much so that I picked up this gem as soon as I received it in my June OwlCrate!

Jennifer’s writing is fast paced and straightforward, which is wonderful because the writing is structured in a way that keeps you continuously needing more and being unable to put it down. The easy nature of the writing lead for a quick read, but the structure of the chapters is what intrigued me because just when you want to place it down a small twist or cliffhanger is entered to keep you drawn in. What a wonderful writing style to read, and I am excited to read more from this author. The plot is action packed, entertaining throughout and the writing style really complemented this. The straightforward writing style, let the plot and characters speak for themselves, which was awesome in this book.

The characters throughout this story were wonderful, all were complex and well developed and I felt myself connect with them throughout the story. Our leading lady Phoenix was broken but strong, and I enjoyed seeing her development throughout the novel. I liked the complexity to her character, and the way she embraced others such as Triven and Mouse.

Triven was an amazing male character, but what I enjoyed about him was that he was everything that Phoenix needed. I felt the ying and yang between the pair, and although a lot was left unresolved at the conclusion, I look forward to seeing both of these characters return in New World: Ashes. I am also excited to see Mouse, I love the relationship that was created and the softness she brought to our main character. I am hoping we dive more into Mouse’s back story in the next book, there was a lot left of her character that I feel I don’t know!

“In all of my adventures, nothing ever smelled quite like an old book”

Overall, New World: Rising was one of my favourite reads this year! It was a revamp of the dystopian genre and although dystopian’s always have comparisons to books like Divergent and The Hunger Games, New World: Rising stands on it’s own.

Favourite Quote: ‘Once I had opened a book and read its pages, those characters could never be taken away from me. Even if the books were burned, they would still live on in my mind’
Rating: 5/5

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