Out of Heart – Review

Out of Heart by Irfan Master

‘he draws it as he sees it and not necessarily as it should be’

Title: Out of Heart
Author: Irfan Master
Publication Month: July
Publisher: Allen & Unwin on behalf of Bonnier
Age Range: Young Adult
Publication Date: 28 June 2017
RRP: $16.99 (Australian Price)

I received a free copy of this book from Allen & Unwin on behalf of Bonnier in exchange for an honest review

Out of Heart was heartfelt and covered important topics such as grief, racism and organ donation, but the slow-pacing, and plot fell short for me.

This story follows Adam, a young boy with a sister who cannot speak, a Mother who works two jobs, and a Father that lives close by but has left marks that cannot heal. When Adam’s grandfather passes away, he donates his heart to save another. The recipient of Adam’s grandfathers heart is William, and with no family he his utterly alone. William finds himself drawn to this broken family, and they may need what he has to offer.

The premise of this book intrigued me from the start, and I enjoyed that the story delved into the topic of organ donation. This story was like nothing else I have read before. It was a unique and beautiful, although some aspects did fall by the wayside, the main premise was enough to keep me reading and enjoy the story as a whole.

The writing was beautiful and almost poetic, although the structure at times could be disjointed. The structure tended to jump around rapidly, which made the book hard to follow and frustrating to keep up with.

This YA contemporary was short and a quick read if pushed through, however the slow pacing and drawn out plot made this read feel a lot longer than it should have been. Adam, who this story mainly followed was a wonderful character to delve into the life of. He felt layered and developed well, and although still trying to work out his place in the world, he was artistic and felt very real.

Although our main character was layered and interesting, all other characters including William felt under-developed and we didn’t get much insight into their lives other than what Adam was apart of. I would of liked to see a bit more development with the other characters in order to feel more connected to the story and their lives.

Overall, Out of Heart did have a lot of heart, however unfortunately fell short for me on the plot and characters. This story of grief and love was beautifully written, but unfortunately I found it hard to connect.

Rating: 2.75/5

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