New World: Ashes – Review

New World: Ashes by Jennifer Wilson

Title: New World: Ashes
Author: Jennifer Wilson
Publication Month: June
Publisher: Oftomes Publishing
Age Range: Young Adult
Publication Date: 7 June 2016


‘The problem with making promises in advance is that you have time to second-guess and regret those decisions. Which I did.’

New World: Ashes was an epic dystopian, entertaining, action packed and I am officially obsessed.

New World: Ashes is book two in Jennifer Wilson’s New World trilogy, and book two brought it! There was no time to stop and regroup as Jennifer dived straight back into the story that I missed!

As this book is a second in a trilogy, I cannot give you a brief summary of the book. I can tell you it follows on straight after New World: Rising, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Since this is a review, below does contain spoilers, if you haven’t read the book, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

Following on from New World: Rising, Phoenix is in the hands of The Sanctuary and after sacrificing herself for her loved ones. That being said, The Sanctuary isn’t the utopia it was promised to be, and as she learns more of her past, she knows she might not survive while waiting to be rescued.

Jennifer’s writing amazes me, it has a way of drawing me into the story, and I find the way she writes is very balanced. The plot, characters, pacing and world building work harmoniously together, and I appreciate the attention she pays to each of these.

The plot again was action packed and fast paced, and I felt this book built on the backgrounds, characters and world for the third and final book. In regards to story though, I feel like New World: Ashes expanded on what we had seen in the world and gave us something different. We were able to see what a tyrant can do to a Utopian society, and what fear does to a community oppressed. That being said, I cannot wait for this story to go full blown rebellion and I hope the final book is everything I hope for.

The characters within this book delved deeper into what we saw in New World: Rising. Specifically Phoenix, we saw her background and her develop from strong, to broken, and back again, and wow it was done so well. I wish I received more background of Triven, he’s one that I find fly’s a bit under the radar in regards to development. This may be because the story isn’t from his perspective, but I just would like to see more depth to his character. He seems perfect, but I feel like he has a lot more to offer.

Overall, I enjoyed New World: Ashes and it did well to continue on the story. It brought in the twists from book one and added torture, revolution and deception. A perfect set up for an awesome finish with New World: Inferno.

Favourite Quote: ‘When this war is over I’m going to beat the crap out of him’
Rating: 4/5

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