BookTube Videos

Hey Book Lovers! 

Below you will find the video’s I have been posting on BookTube! I am only just starting my BookTube journey but I think it was something exciting to do to expand my blog and communicate with more book loving people!

I hope you enjoy this new section of my blog, and feel free to check my channel out on YouTube! If you love BookTube and would like to see me do certain video’s please leave your suggestions in the comments below! 

The BookTube Newbie Tag – Posted 9th September 2016

# DiverseAThon TBR – Posted 12th September 2016

2016 Shelf Tour – Posted 22nd September 2016

#DiverseAThon Wrap Up – Posted 26th September 2016

OwlCrate September Unboxing – Posted 1st October 2016

September Wrap Up – Posted 3rd October 2016

October TBR – Posted 4th October 2016

Goodreads Book Tag – Posted 15th of October 2016

The YA Chronicles Gemina Box Unboxing – Posted 30th October 2016

The YA Chronicles October Unboxing – Posted 5th November 2016

Rapid Fire Book Tag – Posted 8th November 2016

The Avengers Book Tag – Posted 14th November 2016

The YA Chronicles November Unboxing – Posted 21st November 2016

Fall Time Cozy Time Book Tag – Posted 29th November 2016

OwlCrate November Unboxing – Posted 29th November 2016

October/November Wrap Up – Posted 9th December 2016

2017 Highly Anticipated Reads (Jan-Mar) – Posted 20th December 2016

The Hidden Books Tag – Posted 23rd December 2016

Talkin’ Books with Bex – A Court of Thorns and Roses – Posted 27th December 2016

December & #HPWeekendAThon Wrap Up – Posted 2nd January 2017

Netflix Book Tag – Posted 14th January 2017

Top 6 of 2016 – Posted 20th January 2017

Books I Hated in 2016 – Posted 26th January 2017

First Ever Bookhaul (January)– Posted 29th January 2017

January Wrap Up – Posted 4th February 2017

January OwlCrate Unboxing – Posted 7th February 2017

Happy Reading



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